Amelia McBirney


Daniel Klein

Amelia McBirney and Daniel Klein

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Our Story

Our story began when Amelia moved into her first apartment near Fillmore street in San Francisco in the summer of 2011. Daniel was one of her roommates and there was an instant, special connection between the two of them when they first met. Amelia had never lived in the city before and she was grateful that Daniel quickly introduced her to all of his favorite restaurants, beaches, parks, good friends, and much more. They fully enjoyed their time together, building their friendship, and creating a stronger bond. After officially becoming a pair, Amelia & Daniel moved into their own one-bedroom apartment in the Laurel Heights neighborhood of SF. Daniel had a vision of uniting their families for a nice dinner and proposing to Amelia in this setting. This was an evening dear to their hearts they will always remember. They have been on countless, wonderful adventures together and are very excited about their next chapter.
The Northern California coast is one of the first places Amelia & Daniel visited together. From the endless, beautiful views to the color, sound, and smell of the ocean, it is one of their all-time favorite destinations. They can't wait to share this special experience on their wedding day with all of their loved ones!
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